Indigenising University Mathematics


The Symposium is designed around the aim of mutual sharing and learning. We will be drawing upon some of the principles of Australian “Yarning Circles” and adapting practices to online spaces.

Where the online space brings lots of advantages to the sharing of knowledges, there are still some aspects of this medium that have not and possibly cannot transition appropriately, so we will be creating a blend that draws upon various traditions.

“Yarning Circles” are an approach to knowledge-sharing used within Australian Aboriginal contexts that follow protocols to generate, mediate, reflect, reciprocate, validate, and consolidate knowledge as it ‘passes through’ one person to the next. These knowledge-sharing circles are grounded in place and therefore held by the knowledges embedded within a place as the spiralling of a yarn evolves. Online platforms are not grounded, we are not sharing the one place, but instead the one space.

As we are sharing knowledge online, we ask that we all become aware of how we communicate, and that the ways in which we share are Respectful, Responsible and Reciprocal, as our sharings travel across Countries and place into our shared space.